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4 Urgent Reasons why Putting Off Windshield Repairs Can Be Dangerous?

Houston, TX – March, 2018 – Your car’s windshield serves more simply protecting from dirt and debris. It maintains the structural integrity of the car and allows clear visibility, but only if it is intact. A cracked or chipped windshield cannot perform these functions, so if you have been putting off a windshield repair, it is time to take it to a professional windshield repair service.

Like the rest of your car, the windshield also needs maintenance. If you are in an accident with a cracked or chipped windshield, it can prove very dangerous.

Being Ejected

The driver and the passenger may be thrown out of the vehicle during an accident if the cracked windshield shatters upon impact. If one or both of you are not wearing a seatbelt, you are more likely to be ejected through the windshield.


The airbags in your vehicle might not deploy properly in an accident. If your windshield shatters and the airbags fail to deploy, you may find be thrown forward onto the windshield. If the airbag deploys and pushes you towards the windshield, you might get hurt by the shattering windshield glass.

Rollover Accidents

Broken windshields and rollovers are a fatal combination. An intact windshield provides structural integrity to your vehicle, which protects you during a rollover. A cracked windshield cannot support the frame of your car and it would give in, resulting in major injuries.

Less Protection for Collisions

Whether you rear-end a car or you are in a front-end collision, the windshield transmits that force of the impact and sends it into the chassis of the car. This reduces the impact experienced by the driver and the passengers. A cracked windshield cannot absorb and redistribute the impact. On the other hand, it forces the resulting impact from a collision back into the vehicle.

To avoid the dangers of driving with a cracked windshield, take your car to a professional windshield repair service right away. Experienced technician at the best windshield repair services, such as Auto Glass Discounters in Houston, can identify whether the crack can be repaired. If the repair is not too big or severe or not in your direct line of vision, it can likely be repaired flawlessly. If not, you may have to replace the windshield. If you can’t drive to a repair service or the damage is too risky to drive in, mobile windshield repair can send technicians to wherever you are.

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News Release: 4 Urgent Reasons why Putting Off Windshield Repairs Can Be Dangerous?
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