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[7 Mistakes] You Might be Making in Indoor Cycling Class

Even if you’re a regular attendant to Party on a Bike with The Madison Improvement Club, you might be doing it wrong. As a top fitness studio with the best yoga and spin classes in the Phoenix and Tempe area, we see tons of people every day. Make the most out of your calorie-burning spin class by following the below tips:

Your bike isn’t set up right
If you’re arriving to class at the last minute, chances are, you’re not going to have a properly set up bike. Be sure to arrive slightly early so you can adjust your bike or have the instructor help you. This is especially important for new riders. Your seat needs to be at the proper height in alignment with the top of your hip bone in order for a smooth and comfortable ride. You also want your handlebars right in line with your seat and not higher up. Your seat should be back as far as is comfortable so your knees aren’t too far forward.

You’re holding on too tight
The handlebars are not meant to carry your weight. They are just supposed to help you balance. If you grip too tightly, you are overexerting your back shoulders and back. Carrying your weight in the lower body will reduce any tension and keep your energy at your core and glutes throughout the class, rather than in your hands and wrists.

You’re too tense and not breathing
Keep your neck and shoulders down throughout the class and don’t let them clench when it gets difficult. A relaxed body will help you to get the most out of your ride while targeting the right parts of the body. Your muscles need oxygen while you’re spinning so remember to keep breathing.

You’re not pushing yourself with resistance
While adding that last bit of resistance can seem daunting in the middle of class, it’s actually also for safety and not just for the challenge. By skimping on resistance, you’re only hurting yourself. It can lead to future knee and hip problems. Be sure to follow the instructors lead when it comes to setting your resistance.

You’re adding too much resistance
There’s also the possibility of adding too much resistance during your ride. This can slow you down and cause your body to sway too much. By doing this, you’re putting too much pressure on your entire body and could potentially suffer from an injury.

You push too hard without pulling
While you’re focusing on pushing your foot down, you also need to focus on pulling it back up. Drive your knee up to complete the full motion and get the most out of the leg workout. Your hamstrings will thank you.

You’re not following the class
When you don’t follow the instructor and the planned flow of the class, you’re burning out your body and you’re not doing yourself any favors. There is a method behind the madness of the sprints and hills.

You’re not properly stretching
Proper stretching will reduce injury and sustain the ability of your body to keep attending spin class! It helps your muscles properly recover.

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